The Evidence Speaks for Itself 

Part III 

© 2010 Brad Kempo B.A. LL.B.

Barrister & Solicitor  


The tour through all of Canadian governance and the administration of justice during the edification campaign and when triggering all accountability mechanisms offered an unique opportunity to collect evidence of the non-transparent set of policies, practices, agendas, interests and relationships involving Chinese joint sovereignty.   



As Part I and Part II of The Evidence Speaks for Itself in conjunction with what is documented, described and argued in the introductory correspondence, The Sidewinder Report and China’s Vast Array of De Facto Governance Advancing & Protecting Interests and Networks Throughout the Last Democratic Fiefdom, demonstrate, Canada’s sovereignty has for over three decade been shared with the Chinese government.  It was an arguably serendipitous chain of events and circumstances – the lawsuit and research project – that led to discovering and thereafter exposing the fact there’s been a secret monopolization of our economy and embezzlement of our nation’s vast wealth for the benefit of that totalitarian country’s leadership, its wealthiest citizens and Chinese triads to the detriment of tens of millions of Canadians.  



Canada’s anti-poverty and social justice organizations and church leaders are now being armed with this incendiary evidence and called upon to trigger a national awareness about these egregious violations of domestic and international law, with the objective of procuring fundamental institutional reform and holding all those to account who believed themselves to be invincible, insulated and immune in perpetuity.  



During the Fiefdom treatise author’s travels through three levels of government and the three constituents of the administration of justice (Bench, Bar and law enforcement) he collected evidence of what he observed about those in positions of public trust; not only that which further directly proved and corroborated original treatise findings, but also more subtle evidence which made the case.  He refers to some of the latter in his introductory correspondence where he states: 



In many instances politicians, owners and executives of the largest companies and principals of banks and investment firms in the country are members of other corporate boards and of private sector associations.  The research treatise argues the following about assessing culpability under The Security of Information Act: 


To determine how connected to a person is to and knowledgeable about a country’s governing faction and the super wealthy, an analysis needs to look closely not only at nepotism and patronage driven appointments, but also and as importantly with whom an individual is linked to through associations, organizations and societies.  Since national, regional and local communities are comprised of social networks in and through which the agendas and business of government and corporate activity are conducted and advanced, discovering who are on boards reveals what the network is capable of procuring, pursuing, protecting and achieving because of interlinking spheres of control and influence.  Since membership in Canada’s federal, provincial and municipal governments and the administration of justice are all tightly controlled through the micro-management of upward mobility opportunities, who someone is linked to through these associations betrays what and how much he or she knows about and contributed to the non-transparent constituent of governance.




Two examples of this are described herein.  



Example #1



Much proof was compiled about elevating Chinese people to top positions in government and the administration of justice.  One instance that stands out as the epitome of this secret practice is Senator Vivienne Poy.  On the Senate website she is described as the first Canadian senator of Chinese origin.  Where were her loyalties upon being appointed to the Upper Chamber?  An inescapably credible window into what they were is found in her own words; during her maiden speech to senatorial colleagues.  It began thusly:


Hon. Vivienne Poy rose pursuant to notice of December 8, 1998: 


That she will call the attention of the Senate to the history of the Chinese in Canada. 


She said: Honourable senators, I speak today about a group of Canadians who, over a period of 211 years, helped to build this great country.  It is the story of the Chinese Canadians.



Her secret life path on behalf and for the benefit of China’s leaders, uber-wealthy and underworld includes being showered with so many awards, honors and distinctions, one has to first critically ask the question ‘Did she deserve them?’ and second ‘Were they granted with the sole intention of creating a powerful political persona that aided in advancing Chinese joint sovereignty?’.



With her parents just before moving to Canada, August 1959



You’ve heard of padding a resumé before?  Examine this list that was found on the Senate website in 2008 and is now also on her personal website, with the most recent items ‘of distinction’ since 2008 and what wasn't originally listed identified with an asterisk.  

University of Toronto 

Chancellor Emerita

Member of the Presidents' Circle

Chair, Canadian Studies Advisory Board, University College

Established the Vivienne Poy Endowment in Asian Canadian Cultural Studies

Established the Richard Charles Lee Canada Hong Kong Library

Established the Lee Chair in Chinese Thought and Culture

Established post-graduate Chancellor's Fellowships

Member of the Governing Council*

Member of the Advisory Board of the Canada-Hong Kong Resource Centre, Joint Centre for Asia Pacific Studies*

Member of the Nominating Committee for Honourary Degrees*

Member of the Advisory Board of the Faculty of Arts and Science*

Convener of the Committee for the Support of Higher Education*  

University of Victoria  

Member of the Advisory Council of the Centre for Studies in Religion and Society  

McGill University


Member of the Board of Visitors, Faculty of Arts

Member of the Advisory Board of the Tianyige Library Project (Ningbo, China)

Member of the McGill Ontario Region Advisory Board 

Seneca College

Member (Hon) of the Seneca College Fashion Resource Centre 

Massey College


Senior Fellow, 2005  

Social/Cultural Community Memberships 

Member of the Friends of Margaret McCain Hall, St. Thomas University, 2005

Member of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights National Advisory Council   

Founding Member of the Governor's Circle of the Art Gallery of Ontario

Member of the Canadian Asian Studies Association  

Advisory Positions 

Honourary Campaign Chair, ORBIS Canada Chinese Advisory Council

Honourary Advisor to the Buddhist Education Foundation for Canada

Honourary Advisor to the Japanese Canadian Legacy Project 

Honourary Board Member of the Kidney Foundation (Ontario Region)

Honourary Advisor Montreal Accès Asie Festival

Honourary Co-Chair of the Asian Heritage Foundation [Southern Alberta] 

Honourable advisor to the Canadian Multicultural Council, Asians in Ontario, comprised of 21 Asian countries

Honourary Memorial Committee for the Jewish War Veterans Memorial (Toronto)

Honourary Advisor to the 2004 Toronto Hakka Conference

Honourary Co-Chair to the 100 Years of Buddhism in Canada Celebration, 2005

Honourary Chair of the Board of Advisors, Virtual Museum of Asian Canadian Cultural Heritage*

Member of the Honourary Celebration Cabinet for 150 Years in Golden Mountain Celebrations*

Honourary Co-Chair, Campaign for Diversity, Canadian Centre for Diversity*  

Honourary Degrees and Professorship 

Doctor of Laws, University of Toronto (2009)*

Doctor of Laws, University of Manitoba (2006)

Doctor of Laws, University of Hong Kong (2006)

Doctor of Humane Letters (honoris causa), Old Dominion University, Virginia, USA (2005) 

Honourary Professor, Yanbian University of Science and Technology, Yanji, Jilin, China (2003)

Honourary Ph.D. in Political Science, Soongsil University, Seoul, South Korea (2003)  

Awards and Honours 

Inaugural Golden Mountain Achievements Award at the 150 Years in Golden Mountain celebration, Victoria, BC (August 2008)*

Cambridge Lifetime Achievement Award, 2006

Eid-ul-Fitr 2005 Award

Seneca College Distinguished Alumni Award (2005) 

Outstanding Asian Canadian Award from the Canadian Multicultural Council, Asians in Ontario (2004)

Women's Executive Network - Canada's Most Powerful Women: Top 100; Trailblazer Award (2003)

Bestowed Mohawk name of "Ka Tsi Tsa Ken Reh" "a rare and beautiful flower" (2003) 

Queen's Jubilee Award (2002)

Gold Medal Award of Excellence in Race Relations (2002)

Nominated as Woman of the Year by the American Biographical Institute (1998)

Arbor Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service to the University of Toronto (1997)

International Women's Day Award (1996)

Member of the Order of St. John 


Honourary Patron, International Centre of Winnipeg

Founding Patron, Helping for a United Good

Patron of the Era 21 Networking Breakfast for Young Canadians on Parliament Hill 

Honourary Patron, Canadian Foundation for Asian Culture, Toronto

Honourary Patron of the Ottawa Asian Heritage Month Society

Patron of the Canadian Chinese Congress of St. John Ambulance, Toronto

Patron of the Canada-Hong Kong Business Association (Ottawa Chapter)

Honourary Patron of the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto

Patron of the Centre for Information and Community Services

Honourary Patron of the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver

Honourary Patron of the Chinese Canadian Heritage Fund

Honourary Patron, Carefirst Seniors and Community Services Association

Honourary Patron, Vision Youth Leadership Program

Honourary Patron, Spirit of Life

Honouary Patron, Taiwan Entrepreneurs Society Taipei/Toronto*

Honorary Patron, Ontario Genealogical Society*

Honourary Patron, Education Foundation of the Chinese Professionals Association of Canada*

Honourary Patron, Canadian Future Achievers Awards*

Honourary Patron, Ottawa Chinatown Gateway Project*

Honourary Patron, The Immigrant Centre of Manitoba*  


Honourary Chair, Jews in Shanghai Exhibition, 2002

Honourary Co-Chair, Symposium "Leaps and Bounds", Bata Shoe Museum, 2002

Honourary Chair, National Campaign for the Natural Partnership Campaign of the Canadian Museum of Nature, 2002

Honourary Patron of the Hong Kong Tourist Association's Dragon 2000 Design Contest

Honourary Patron of the Iron Road Opera, 2000

Honourary Patron of the Millennium Toronto Chinese Photographic Exhibition, 1999

Member of the Women Entrepreneurs of Canada (1994-1999)

Trustee and Member of the Nominating Committee of the Art Gallery of Ontario

Trustee of the National Gallery of Canada

Director of the Canadian Stage Company

Member of the Fashion Group International, Toronto Chapter

Co-Chair for the Scarborough General Hospital Foundation's World's Worst Painting and Art Auction

Member of the City of Scarborough's Image Committee

Co-Chair for the Kidney Foundation Luncheon and Fashion Show

One Woman Fashion Show for the Kidney Foundation Fundraising dinner

Founder and Chair of the Cathay Ball (92-93)

Major contributor and member of Scarborough General Hospital's Capital Campaign 


Public Speaking in Canada: Building Competency in Stages

The Last Goodbye

Tasting Diversity: a celebration of immigrant women and their cooking

Five Hundred Leaders of Influence

The International Directory of Distinguished Leadership, 8th edition

Life Fellow of the International Biographical Association

International Who's Who of Intellectuals, 13th edition

Who's Who of Canadian Women

Who's Who in Canada

Canada at the Millennium

The Outstanding Immigrants in the New Millennium

Canada's Immigrants, Heroes and Countrymen  


Sponsor of the Famous 5 Monument in Calgary and on Parliament Hill (1 of 5)

Established the Richard Charles Lee Library and Resource Centre, Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto

Established the Richard Charles Lee Building, Monsheong Home for Seniors

Sponsor of the Stairway to the Stars and the grand piano at the Famous People Players

Sponsor of a community theatre for the North York Performing Arts Centre, Toronto



Being a member of four committees right after the commencement of her senatorial career on September 17, 1998 immediately put the political novice at the core of Canadian governance involving the most central matters of state.   At the time of these memberships her only academic credential was a fashion diploma and her business experience involved operating a fashion boutique and beauty products store. 



National Finance

1998 - 1999.09.18; 2004.10.04 – 2005.11.29; 2006.04.03 – 2007.09.14

Banking, Trade and Commerce

1998 – 1999.09.18

Veterans Affairs

1998 – 1999.09.18

Social Affairs, Science and Technology

1998 – 1999.09.18

Foreign Affairs and International Trade

1999.10.12 – 2000.10.22; 2004.02.02 – 2004.05.23; 2004.10.04 - 2005.11.29

Legal and Constitutional Affairs

1999.10.12 – 2000.10.22; 2001.01.29 – 2002.09.16

Human Rights

2001.01.29 – 2002.09.16; 2002.09.30 – 2003.11.12; 2004.02.02 – 2004.05.23; 2004.10.04 – 2005.11.29; 2006.04.03 – 2007.09.14; 2007.10.16 – 2008.09.07


Transport and Communications

2001.01.29 – 2002.09.16  


She also lists the following parliamentary memberships:


Vice-Chair of the Canada-China Legislative Association

Vice-Chair of the Canada ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group

Vice-President of the Canada-Brazil Parliamentary Group

Member of the Canada-Hong Kong Friendship Group

Member of the Canada-Taiwan Parliamentary Association

Member of the Advisory Board of the Canada-DPR Korea Association

Member of the Inter-Parliamentary Union

Member of the Parliamentary Group on Human Rights

Member, Canadian Assoc. of Parliamentarians on Population and Development

Member of the Friendship Group of Parliamentarians for UNESCO

Member of the Commonwealth Parliamentarian Association

Member of the Canada-Europe Parliamentary Association

Member of the Canada-France Parliamentary Association

Member of the Canada-Japan Inter-parliamentary Group

Member of the Canada-U.S. Parliamentary Association

Member of the Canada-United Kingdom Parliamentary Association

Member of the Canada-Lebanon Parliamentary Association

Member of the Canada-Armenia Parliamentary Association

Member of the Canada-Syria Parliamentary Association

Member of the Canada-Cuba Parliamentary Association

Member of the Canada-Greece Friendship Group

Member of the Canada-Germany Parliamentary Association

Member of the Canada-Israel Parliamentary Association

Member of the Canada-Italy Parliamentary Association

Member of the Canada-Belgium Inter-parliamentary Group



A 2006 news article encapsulates how much she was embraced by the country’s Beijing-loyal academic establishment: 


[In 2003], Poy enjoyed the afternoon of a lifetime when she received her PhD in history and was installed as Chancellor of the University of Toronto in the span of 15 minutes.  




The Honourable Vivienne Poy has served her alma mater as Chancellor with grace and warmth,” says President David Naylor. “She is a wonderful ambassador for U of T and I am very grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Vivienne over this last year of her term.”


Such sentiments are common across campus. “Chancellor Poy has done a wonderful job of linking the university with the wider Toronto area community,” said Professor Joseph Wong of the Asian Institute. “Her creativity and endless energy culminated in several key events at the Asian Institute which melded our academic interests with those of the broader communities outside the University. Chancellor Poy’s vision for Asian Heritage Month is a tremendous boon to Canadian multiculturalism. For her, multiculturalism is not merely a rhetorical tool, but a lived reality for all Canadians.”


Carole Moore, U of T’s chief librarian, offered a similar perspective. “Chancellor Poy is the inspiration and catalyst for this new library,” said. Moore. “She has a special gift for bringing academics and the community together, not just at U of T but throughout Canada and in Hong Kong as well. This exciting new facility (the Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library) provides a beautiful and expanded new space for a growing collection. It will be a major asset to students, faculty and the community, reflecting the historical and continuing connections between Canada and Hong Kong. We are all extremely grateful for the chancellor's leadership and encouragement in this endeavour.”


Prior to Poy's departure, the university's College of Electors and Governing Council formally approved her designation as Chancellor Emerita, an honour proposed by President David Naylor. The university will also pay tribute to her years of service by creating a Chancellor's Garden in front of Simcoe Hall.


Source: Vivienne Poy reflects on three years as U of T Chancellor, News@UofT, June 23, 2006, by Elizabeth Monier-Williams  



On her website are these and more photos documenting a career only remarkable when understood for what she represents in terms of Chinese joint sovereignty:



With P.M. Jean Chrétien F5 Ceremony, October 17, 2000  


Chancellor Poy, University of Toronto, November, 2003  


At naming of Trudeau Centre for Peace & Conflict Studies

at University of Toronto, April 27, 2004  


Receiving Doctor of Laws, University of Toronto, June, 2009  


At the Fireworks for China's 60th anniversary, October 1, 2009  


Being presented with the Chinese Canadian Legends Award by Bob Rae, October 31, 2009  


Olympic 2010 torchbearer, December 18, 2009



Example #2



How influential and interconnected the Desmarais family is in Canada is evident both politically and in the curriculum vitae of the wife of Power Corp. Chairman and Co-CEO Paul Desmarais Jr..  In terms of the former, here are some factoids:



Canadian Connection

by Mark Steyn

The Western Standard

March 23, 2005 


[T]he few who do know [Paul Desmarais Sr.] know him as the kingmaker behind Trudeau, Mulroney, Chrétien and Martin.


His brother, Andre Desmarais, is the current Honourary Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Canada Chinese Business Council.  Mr. Desmarais was granted the Order of Canada. 



Strong political and economic links exist between former PM Paul Martin and the family:



The former deck-hand who bought the company

Paul Martin will be the first Canadian prime minister with a true, blue-ribbon background in business

by Glen McGregor

Ottawa Citizen

November 4, 2003



Another avenue the opposition may choose to explore is the links between the new prime minister and his legions of political donors, who have contributed an astounding $11 million to fund Mr. Martin's leadership campaign. […] The donors' list shows that Mr. Martin's support from the business world is transnational, with Chinese billionaire Li Ka Shing and Hong Kong airline operate David TK Ho donors to the Martin leadership campaign, through Canadian companies.  



Puppets of Beijing

by Kevin Steel

Western Standard News

May 30, 2005


Back in the days of Chairman Mao, when China's economy was still heavily agrarian and backwardly collectivist, the future prime minister was already planting the seeds of commerce. "I first came to China in 1972, during the waning years of the Cultural Revolution. I was in business then," Martin said, in a Jan. 21 speech in Beijing. At the time, the aspiring businessman was working for Power Corporation of Canada, a firm with $16 billion in revenues controlled by Montreal's powerful Desmarais family. It was clearly an eye-opening experience because he's been making deals in China ever since. Canada Steamship Lines, the gargantuan shipping company Martin purchased from Power Corp. in the eighties, that is now run by his children, has taken advantage of China's cheap workers to build ships. Three CSL container ships were built in the Jiangnan Shipyard, controlled by the People's Liberation Army. A fourth was refurbished in Shanghai. Martin actually owns 35 per cent of China's Tangshan Jinshan Marine Co.   





In 1969, Power Corporation took a controlling-share in CSL. On December 2, 1970, Paul Martin, the 32-year old executive assistant to Power Corporation Chief Executive Officer Maurice Strong, was appointed to the CSL board of directors. 




The relationship between the Desmarais family and former PM Chrétien is obvious in the fact that Andre, Power Corporation’s Chairman, President and Co-Chief Executive Officer, is married to his daughter, France.


When reviewing the resumé of Hélène Desmarais it is this context in which to understand and fully appreciate how much political, professional, corporate and social networks advance Chinese joint sovereignty:




Founder, CEO and Chair of the Board of Administration of the Centre d’entreprises et d’innovation de Montréal (CEIM) since 1996, Ms. Hélène Desmarais holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in finance from HEC Montréal.  CEIM is a business incubator, with an emphasis on startups as well as the development of innovative IT, multimedia, industrial technology and biotech companies.  Since its foundation in 1996, CEIM has become Quebec’s leading business incubator, and the largest of its kind in Canada.   Over the past 11 years, CEIM has assisted 250 businesses, with a survival rate of 78%.  CEIM supports the emergence of viable, innovative and successful companies from those sectors which are an economic priority for the Greater Metropolitan Area of Montreal and the province of Quebec.


Ms. Desmarais is founder and Chair of the Board of Administration and of the Entrepreneurial Development Committee of the Société de développement économique Ville-Marie (SDEVM) since 1998.  She is both Chair of the Board of Administration and of the Financial Assistance Committee of the SDEVM’s Société d’Investissement Jeunesse (SIJ) Loan Guarantee Program.  The primary mission of these two organisations is to promote entrepreneurship and economic development.  The SDEVM primarily offers commercial loan guarantees to startup companies.  The SIJ offers personal loan guarantees to young entrepreneurs under 35, who wish to start, acquire or become an associate in a Quebec business.  Since 1998, 132 companies with an 80% survival rate have benefited from the program.  In addition, capital from the two funds have been maintained.  In addition to the private sector, the SDEVM has accompanied, consolidated and micro-financed 91 socio-economic projects.  Of these companies, 88% remain in operation to this day.


Gestion Bio-Capital Inc. was founded in 1997 and was led by Ms. Desmarais as Chair of the Board of Administration until the sale of the fund in 2001.  She was also a member of the verification and investment committees and member of the private investment evaluation commitee at the time of the sale of the fund.  Gestion Bio-Capital Inc. was a venture capital organisation specializing in biotech startups.   With the sale of the private shares, investors obtained a ROI of 20%.  Gestion Bio-Capital played an important role in the startup process of approximately twenty companies and in the stock market introduction of a dozen, including Neurochem and Intellivax -- now ID Biomedical -- which was sold to GlaxoSmithKline for 1.7 million dollars in 2005.


In 2003, Ms. Desmarais was appointed first female President of HEC’s Board of Administration, to which she had been named in 1999.  She is Co-President and founder of the International Advisory Board of HEC Montréal (1990), is chair of the Université de Montréal’s Faculty of Medicine Advisory Committee (2006), is President of the Advisory Board and member of the Board of Governors of the Conference of Montreal (International Economic Forum of the Americas, 1995), is President of the Board of Administration of  The Montreal Economic Institute (2007) where she has held a seat since 2002.  Starting in the fall of 2007, Ms. Demarais will chair the Board of Directors of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal, following a tenure as First Vice-President which began in 2006.  She holds a seat on the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal since 2002 and has sat on its Executive Committee since 2005.   She has been Deputy Chair of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra and of its Endowment Funds since 2004.


Ms. Desmarais also sits on the following Boards of Administrations : Garda World Security Corporation (2006); C.D. Howe Institute (2005); the Institute for Governance of Private and Public Organizations (2005); of the IRCM - The Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal (2005), of Génome Québec (2002), of VAL-CHUM -- Société de valorisation des recherches du CHUM (2004) and of SDA - Société de développement Technopôle Angus (2005).  She is a member of the Conseil des partenaires de l'innovation (CIP), which falls under the aegis of Quebec’s Ministry of Développement économique, Innovation et Exportation (2006).


Over the course of her career, Ms. Desmarais has also held seats on several other boards, including that of the Investment Committee Hydro-Quebec Capitech - Innovation Fund, of the Centre d’entrepreneurship HEC-Poly-UdeM, of the CHUS (Sherbrooke University Hospital Centre) and of the World Trade Center.


In 1997, Ms. Demarais chaired a committee mandated by the City of Montreal and the Government of Quebec to study the health industry.  Comprised of approximately thirty of the fields specialists and decision-makers, the committee proposed an action plan aimed at making the health industry a leading economic component for the Greater Metropolitan Area of Montreal.


In July 1998, she was named member of the Medical Research Council of Canada (MRC) by Canada’s Privy Council, where she participated in a restructuring plan which led to the transformation of the MRC into a health research institute (1999) and in the establishment of Genome Canada (2000).  Ms. Desmarais played an active role in the development of the largest public awareness campaign ever held in support of health sciences research.  A great believer in the potential value of research in the field of health services, she played a key role in the establishment of a significant annual Federal Government financing campaign to benefit The Canadian Century Research Infrastructure (CCRI) which seeks to bridge the gap between Canada and the rest of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OCDE) countries in respect to per capita spending on health research.  Today, the CCRI provides crucial financial support to nearly 10 000 researchers and interns in Canadian universities, university medical centres and research institutes.  They also support the commercialisation of research outcomes.


Ms. Desmarais was selected to oversee the Entrepreneurial Committee of Atelier Jeunesse Emploi at the Government of Quebec’s Youth Summit in 2000.  At this Summit, the committee presented an action plan to promote the creation of business in Quebec.


Between 2002 and 2006, Ms. Desmarais was a member of the Advisory Board of the National Research Council of Canada’s Biotechnology Research Institute (BRI).


Since 2005, Ms. Desmarais has been a member of the City of Montreal’s Economic Steering Committee, presided by Mayor Gérald Tremblay.  This committee was established in June 2005, during the 2005-2010 réussir @ Montréal forum on economic development.


Ms. Desmarais is a regular participant at government public policy roundtable discussions.  She is also invited to speak at a number of forums on the creation and financing of emerging tech companies.  Ms. Desmarais is a regular speaker at the International Economic Forum of the Americas. 


Ms. Desmarais has been invited to be a member of several juries.  From 1993 to 1996, she was a member of Britain’s ’Venturer of the Year’ award jury, sponsored by the Financial Times and the British Venture Capital Association.  This prize recognized an entrepreneur who had best made use of venture capital funds over the course of the five preceding years.  In 1999, 2000 and 2001, she was a member of the selection committee for the Ernst & Young ’Entrepreneur of the Year’ award. 


Her unfailing commitment towards the promotion of excellence in post-secondary education, in research, in technological evaluation, in startup and development, as well as in new business financing, is a testament to her ongoing devotion to the economic development of the Greater Metropolitan Area of Montreal.  During the festivities marking the 50th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s ascension to the throne, Ms. Desmarais was honoured, along with about ten other Quebec residents, with the Queen’s Golden Jubillee Medal for her remarkable contribution to the creation of tech companies, and in recognition of her many years of service to society.


Each of the leadership positions held by Ms. Desmarais within the largest private and public institutions is a reflection of the respect held for her work within the business, university, medical, scientific and public administration communities of Quebec and of Canada.  Ms. Desmarais received the University of Montreal’s Order of Merit on May 15, 2007.  This award is bestowed upon persons whose achievements and career contribute to the visibility and positive reputation of the Université de Montréal.



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